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The PC-BSD® installer allows you to quickly determine if your system's video card, Ethernet card, wireless device, and sound card are compatible with PC-BSD®. The "Hardware Compatibility" icon in Control Panel provides a quick overview of the system's detected hardware.
Figure 8.6a: Sample Hardware Compatibility

To start the application, double-click its icon in Control Panel or open an xterm and type pc-sysinstaller -checkhardware.

In the example shown in Figure 8.6a, this system has a detected NVIDIA video card with a configured resolution of 1600x900, one Ethernet device using the em(4)[1] driver, and one wireless device using the iwn(4)[2] driver. Currently no sound card is detected, meaning that the user should configure and test their sound card using the Sound Configuration icon in Control Panel.

Hardware that is currently incompatible may show with a green checkbox after a system upgrade or update. This indicates that the update added the driver for the device.


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