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Anyone is welcome to help with translating the handbook into other languages. We hope to eventually be able to use the MediaWiki for translation work. However, since we have not yet been able to get MediaWiki to provide a working translation plugin, this is how our translation process works:

Handbook v9.0

  • Translators and potential translators are encouraged to join the translations mailing list.
  • Documentation in the wiki gets "frozen" a few weeks before release so that they can be translated.
  • The text (in odt format) is sent to the translations mailing list and emailed back when it is finished.

An expected "Freeze" date is roughly Late August or so, but that depends on the results of FreeBSD's RC process.

Some teams may use Google Docs™ or other sharing mechanisms to work on the translation, other teams might have only one person or divide up who does which sections. Use the method that works best or makes the task easiest.

Older versions of the Handbook

For those who desire to translate them, we welcome your contributions and ask that you notify us so that we can help make them available. Additional formats including HTML, ODF (for OpenOffice and other software), EPUB (for e-readers), and PDF formats are available as downloads from the PC-BSD ftp server. Translations of the Handbook are added to the ftp server as they become available, its file name indicating the language with a 2-letter ISO code.

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