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This is a description of a PC-BSD wiki standard.

A good initial page stub is very easy to write. It consists of:

  1. A first paragraph saying what the head term describes. The head term should be in bold type. One sentence is quite adequate.
  2. A second paragraph saying why the subject is important enough to document on a PC-BSD wiki page. Again one sentence is adequate.
  3. Optionally, a third paragraph giving relevant applicable external links as a bulleted list. This should have a heading of External link(s).
  4. A standard stub warning.

That's all! If you can write such a stub, this is an alternative to removing a sub-standard page, and can be very useful in the process of creating or revising the PC-BSD Handbook. Also, it is a way to handle suspected copyright violations. In particular, if the text exists on the web already, make that an external link which also helps to feed back into the community by increasing interconnectedness.

If you can write a better stub, or even a PC-BSD wiki page, so much the better. Always remember that stubs are only useful if someone develops them into a detailed and coherent PC-BSD wiki page. See also PC-BSD wiki:Perfect page stub.


Imagine that a detailed page from a (mythological and fabricated for this example) site has been posted with no explanation, and appears to be a likely copyright violation. It describes the (also fantastical for this example) device, Max'O'slydePad 9000, which is the page name. The following stub, which would take only a quick moment to compose, would be appropriate:

'''Max-O-slydePad 9000''' is a device made to compete with the [[caress|Banana Tote Caress]] by Electric Plantain Village

It is the most recent product by to the [[microsquish|Alter Microsquish Vacs Corporation]] of Pearl Island, and incorporates the latest Supra-Glide technology.

==External links==

*[\mosp9k.htm Detailed description and retail outlet]


content of stub at Wikimedia

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