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PC-BSD® provides the following features:

  • Easy installation: to install either a graphical desktop or command-line server version of PC-BSD®, simply insert the installation media, reboot the system to start the installer, and answer a few questions in the installation menus.
  • Automatically configured hardware: video, sound, network, and other devices are automatically configured for you.
  • Intuitive desktop interface: PC-BSD® comes with a choice of desktop environments to support your day-to-day computing needs.
  • Easy software management: with AppCafe®, installing, upgrading, and uninstalling software is safe and easy.
  • Lots of software available: in addition to its own software, PC-BSD® can install software that has been ported to FreeBSD (currently over 24,000 applications).
  • Easy to update: PC-BSD® provides a built-in Update Manager that will notify you of available updates and allow you to apply operating system security fixes, bug fixes and system enhancements as well as upgrade to newer versions of the operating system or installed software.
  • Virus-free: PC-BSD® is not affected by viruses, spyware, or other malware.
  • No defragmentation: PC-BSD® hard drives do not need to be defragmented and do not slow down over time. PC-BSD® uses ZFS[1] which is a self-healing filesystem.
  • Laptop support: provides power saving and swap space encryption and automatically switches between wired and wifi network connections.
  • Secure environment: PC-BSD® provides a pre-configured PF firewall[2], brute-force attack protection with OSSEC[3], and a Host-based Intrusion Detection System with Fail2ban[4].
  • Easy system administration: PC-BSD® provides a Control Panel containing many graphical tools for performing system administration tasks.
  • Professional support: professional email and phone support is available from iXsystems[5].


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