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Game Testing

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This area of the wiki is for those who have tried getting a Windows or Linux game running on PC-BSD. Those who wish to add their results may do so in the table below.

The promise of non-native games on PC-BSD

It is well known that a constant stream of games arrive on store shelves for Windows and that a few titles sometimes are available for Linux, but that doesn't mean BSD is left without options. There are two main methods that can be used to access games, and both are through some kind of emulation or compatibility layer. FreeBSD (and therefore PC-BSD) has a Linux compatibility layer. There are a number of emulators, and a program (Wine) containing a subset of Windows capability that has been ported to BSD. It is hoped that through this list more games may be discovered that work but do not (or cannot) exist as PBIs, and also perhaps, by way of this information, assistance might be given to increase the amount accessible to PC-BSD.
Note: This page pertains to PC-BSD version 9.



Libraries and other files
Documentation and Examples
  • Previously ported linux-doom3 that might be used as an example.

What currently works

Table: Games that have been attempted. How well does this version of the game run?

Type Name Version Platform Special changes (and/or errors)
'FPS'? insert game title here version 'windows'? need to do something special? was there a problem?

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