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GNOME2 is a popular desktop environment that provides many built-in utilities.

NOTE: As of this writing, GNOME3 has not been ported to FreeBSD. Once it has, it may become a desktop selection in the PC-BSD installer.

Figure 5.1a shows a screenshot of GNOME2 on a PC-BSD 9.0 system with the Applications menu open:

Figure 5.1a: GNOME2 on PC-BSD


Each application category contains many applications and the Settings and System categories contain many utilities for configuring your system. If you are new to GNOME2, take some time to discover which applications best suit your needs. Some of the applications which are provided by GNOME include:

  • Eye of GNOME: image viewer found in Graphics -> Image Viewer.
  • Epiphany: web browser found in Internet -> Epiphany Web Browser.
  • Brasero: CD/DVD burning software found in Multimedia -> Brasero Disk Burner.
  • Totem: movie player found in Multimedia -> Movie Player.

Note: the Gnibbels and Lights Off games require 3D acceleration. If your video driver does not support this, you will not be able to play those games.

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