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Fluxbox[1] is a light-weight and fast window manager. Regardless of the window managers that you have selected to install, Fluxbox is always available as an option in the login menu.

Figure 6.8a shows a screenshot of Fluxbox running on PC-BSD®. In this example, the user has launched the Application menu by right-clicking on the desktop.

Figure 6.8a: Fluxbox on PC-BSD®

Fluxbox provides many configuration files which can be edited in order to customize the desktop. The Features[2] page of the Fluxbox website lists the available configuration files and links to instructions for getting the most out of Fluxbox.

To ease some aspects of configuration, the Fluxconf PBI, available in AppCafe®, adds the following graphical tools:

  • fluxbare: seen in Figure 6.8b, provides a tiny toolbar allowing you to launch the next three utilities. Type fluxbare within an xterm to open the toolbar.
  • fluxconf: seen in Figure 6.8c, is used for managing window placement.
  • fluxkeys: seen in Figure 6.8d, is used to define and manage keyboard shortcuts.
  • fluxmenu: seen in Figure 6.8e, is used to add or remove entries from the Fluxbox menu.
Figure 6.8b: Fluxbare Toolbar
Figure 6.8e: Editing the Menu Using fluxmenu
Figure 6.8c: Configuring Window Placement with fluxconf
Figure 6.8d: Managing Keyboard Shortcuts with fluxkeys

The following resources are useful when customizing Fluxbox:


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