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<div style="overflow: hidden">[[file:fvwm.png|left|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.9a: FVWM Running on PC-BSD®''']][[file:fvwm-crystal.png|right|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.9b: FVWM-Crystal Running on PC-BSD®''']]</div>
<div style="overflow: hidden">[[file:fvwm1.png|left|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.9a: FVWM Running on PC-BSD®''']][[file:Crystal.png|right|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.9b: FVWM-Crystal Running on PC-BSD®''']]</div>

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FVWM[1] is a powerful and highly configurable desktop window manager for the X Window system. It supports any number of virtual desktops, each divided into multiple pages. It also supports side title bars, including vertical text.

Figure 6.9a: FVWM Running on PC-BSD®
Figure 6.9b: FVWM-Crystal Running on PC-BSD®

When you install FVWM on PC-BSD®, it also installs FVWM-Crystal[2]. Both window managers will be added to the login menu. Figure 6.9a shows the default PC-BSD® desktop if you select FVWM from the login menu. The application menu was opened by clicking the mouse anywhere on the desktop. Figure 6.9b shows the default PC-BSD® desktop if you select FVWM-Crystal from the login menu. To open an xterm in FVWM-Crystal, right-click any area of the desktop.

This article[3] provides a good overview of the features and configurable options for FVWM-Crystal.

The FVWM Documentation[4] provides further information about configuring FVWM.


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