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Although every effort is made to create accurate instructions, sometimes the need for adjustment comes after a version of the handbook has been published. It is hoped that those changes are few and occur seldom. Here is where errors, omissions, and other changes or improvements will be recorded, organized by title and version.

PC-BSD Handbook


The handbook portion of the wiki now primarily focuses on two versions, the most recent release and the upcoming (work-in-progress).

Which would you like?

Release (10.1)
PC-BSD® Users Handbook
Upcoming (10.1.1)
PC-BSD® Users Handbook

Prior and Legacy releases

Prior (9.2)
PC-BSD® Users Handbook

Release 8.2

Page Main Heading SubHeading Published Version Adjustment
22 2 Pre-Installation Tasks Brasero The lower portion of Figure X-XX shows the menu that appears if you click on the Properties button. X-XX should be 2.6.2d
22 2 Pre-Installation Tasks Nero The free version of Nero was suggested as a tool to burn the iso. This information is now inaccurate since the free version of Nero only burns Music CDs.
24 2 Pre-Installation Tasks 2.6.3 Writing an IMG File to Flash Media dd if=PCBSD8.1-x86-USB-bootonly.img of=/dev/da0 bs=5k 5k should be 64k
(Also more sensible as base 2)
183 9 Supporting PC-BSD 9.6 Test PBIs To give an example, the math/scilab PBI was flagged as FAILED in Figure X-XX. X-XX should be 9.6a

Latest Release Published

(not yet published, no changes discovered necessary)

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