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{{txtbox|box= '''pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4'''{{nbsp|54}}
{{txtbox|box= '''pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4'''{{nbsp|54}}
If this is the first time that you have used '''pkg''' on this system, it will prompt you to first bootstrap  
If this is the first time that you have used '''pkg''' on this system, it will prompt you to first bootstrap  

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An existing FreeBSD 10.0 installation can be easily converted to either a PC-BSD® desktop or server through the installation of a package. The converted desktop will contain all of the graphical utilities that come with PC-BSD® and the converted server will contain all of their command line equivalents.

Converting FreeBSD to a PC-BSD® Desktop

To convert a FreeBSD system into a PC-BSD® desktop, install the following package as the superuser:

pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4                                                      

If this is the first time that you have used pkg on this system, it will prompt you to first bootstrap


pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType PCBSD pc-extractoverlay desktop

pc-extractoverlay ports

Next, reboot the system and the PC-BSD® login manager will start, allowing you to login to the desktop. If you want the PC-BSD® display wizard and first boot wizards to run first, run these commands before rebooting:

touch /var/.runxsetup                                                           

touch /var/.pcbsd-firstboot

touch /var/.pcbsd-firstgui

If you are running FreeBSD 10-CURRENT, specify the PBI version to pull from. To do so, edit /usr/local/etc/pbi.conf and add this line:

PBI_FBSDMAJOR: 9                                                                
Translations:Handbook translating/common/11 If you are using NVIDIA video hardware, load the driver before rebooting into the display wizard by running the command pc-metapkgmanager add NVIDIA.

Converting FreeBSD to a TrueOS® Server

If you wish to convert a FreeBSD server to TrueOS®, use the following commands:

pkg install -fy trueos-base                                                     

rehash pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType TRUEOS pc-extractoverlay server

pc-extractoverlay ports

The installation of the trueos-base package will install the following: PBI Manager, the command line version of warden, and the command line versions of most of the Control Panel utilities. You will find those utilities in /usr/local/bin/pc-*. It also installs these additional shells and utilities[1].

Translations:Handbook translating/common/14

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