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{{txtbox|box= '''pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4'''{{nbsp|54}}
{{txtbox|box= '''pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4'''{{nbsp|54}}
If this is the first time that you have used '''pkg''' on this system, it will prompt you to first bootstrap
'''pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType PCBSD'''
'''pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType PCBSD'''
'''pc-extractoverlay desktop'''
'''pc-extractoverlay desktop'''

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An existing FreeBSD 10.0 installation can be easily converted to either a PC-BSD® desktop or server through the installation of a package. The converted desktop will contain all of the graphical utilities that come with PC-BSD® and the converted server will contain all of their command line equivalents.

Converting FreeBSD to a PC-BSD® Desktop

To convert a FreeBSD system into a PC-BSD® desktop, install the following package as the superuser:

{{txtbox|box= pkg install pcbsd-utils-qt4                                                      

If this is the first time that you have used pkg on this system, it will prompt you to first bootstrap


pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType PCBSD pc-extractoverlay desktop

pc-extractoverlay ports

Next, reboot the system and the PC-BSD® login manager will start, allowing you to login to the desktop. If you want the PC-BSD® display wizard and first boot wizards to run first, run these commands before rebooting:

touch /var/.runxsetup                                                           

touch /var/.pcbsd-firstboot

touch /var/.pcbsd-firstgui

If you are running FreeBSD 10-CURRENT, specify the PBI version to pull from. To do so, edit /usr/local/etc/pbi.conf and add this line:

PBI_FBSDMAJOR: 9                                                                
NOTE: If you are using NVIDIA video hardware, load the driver before rebooting into the display wizard by running the command pc-metapkgmanager add NVIDIA.

Converting FreeBSD to a TrueOS® Server

If you wish to convert a FreeBSD server to TrueOS®, use the following commands:

pkg install -fy trueos-base                                                     

rehash pbreg set /PC-BSD/SysType TRUEOS pc-extractoverlay server

pc-extractoverlay ports

The installation of the trueos-base package will install the following: PBI Manager, the command line version of warden, and the command line versions of most of the Control Panel utilities. You will find those utilities in /usr/local/bin/pc-*. It also installs these additional shells and utilities[1].


  1. http://trac.pcbsd.org/browser/build-files/ports-overlay/misc/trueos-base/Makefile
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