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PC-BSD® provides a Control Panel which contains tools for managing your system. The Control Panel is available from any desktop, meaning it is available regardless of which desktop you log into.
Figure 8.a: PC-BSD® Control Panel
NOTE: If a desktop does not contain an icon or menu item for Control Panel, type pc-controlpanel from a shell prompt to launch the Control Panel.

A screenshot of Control Panel started from the KDE desktop can be seen in Figure 8.a.

The available utilities are divided into sections. If you click a grey section bar, you can toggle between displaying (bar has up arrow) or hiding (bar has down arrow) its icons. In this example, the display for the “Desktop environment” section is hidden.

The search box in the upper right can be used to find the proper control panel item if you know what you would like to configure but are uncertain which utility to use.

If an icon includes a yellow exclamation mark, you will need to input your password in order to access that configuration utility.

NOTE: If your user account is not a member of the wheel group, you will not see the configuration utilities in Control Panel that require a password. By default, the first user account that you create is made a member of the wheel group. You can log in as that user and use User Manager to add other accounts to this group.


Desktop Selector

Control Panel includes a desktop selector menu which allows you to load the configuration utilities from all installed desktops, KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE4, LXDE, or Lumina, assuming that they are installed, or just the utilities that came with PC-BSD®. Figure 8.b shows the desktop selector menu in use. In this example, the user is currently logged into the LXDE desktop but they have chosen to view the GNOME utilities. The menu icon indicates the control panel view while "(current)" will be beside the desktop that is presently active.

Figure 8.b: Desktop Selector Menu

Switching between the icons in the selector changes the icons displayed within the control panel window to match those used in that desktop. If "All desktops" is set by the desktop selector, you will see every utility that is available, depending upon which desktops are currently installed. You can change which desktops are installed using AppCafe®.

Included Utilities

The following utilities are found in the Control Panel of a PC-BSD® system, regardless of the desktop that is installed:

Software and updates
System management
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