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Bluetooth GUI Discussion

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We have a decent network GUI. I think we should start thinking of BlueTooth GUI.

There is such things which need to be used:

  1. hcsecd - control link keys and PIN codes for Bluetooth devices
  2. sdpd - Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol daemon
  3. hccontrol - HCI configuration utility
  4. obexapp - executable, OBEX protocol.

Here is a list of requirements to GUI, in no particular order:

Gui should ...

  • show (indicate) that kernel module ng_ubt is loaded
  -- Always loaded now, allows devices to simply be plugged in and ready to go
  • allow load (unload) ng_ubt;
  -- Unnecessary, see comment above
  • show (add/remove) ng_ubt_load in /boot/loader.conf
  -- Unnecessary, see comment above
  • show status (and start/stop/restart) hcsecd service;
  -- Service always on by default with quick restart button added to the GUI
  -- No need to add start/stop buttons since service uses no memory when not in active connection to a bluetooth device.
  • show (add/remove) hcsecd_enable in /etc/rc.conf
  -- Unnecessary, hcsecd always on by default - see comment above
  • have a tree with such structure: Devices--Device1(Service1, Service2...)
  • have an ability to scan (search for devices), show which is known devices, which is new
  -- Added to the GUI: active scanning, show saved/new devices seperately
  • add device to /etc/hcsecd.conf, edit pin, name, etc;
  -- Added: GUI can add,read, and configure hcsecd.conf entries (with root permissions only)
  • allow to add (edit/delete) ppp records, to use device as modem
  • allow to connect/disconnect device to internet via rfcomm_ppp
  • If device (mobile phone) have ability to FTRN, this service should expand to device's FS;
  • Device's FS tree should support drag-n-drop, at least to other tree, which is for local FS (Ideally to any other external filemanager, like dolphin, or else)

Other resources

  • hcidump - similar in function to tcpdump but for bluetooth.
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