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Become an Advocate/9.2

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So you love PC-BSD? Why not tell your family, friends, fellow students and colleagues about it? You won't be the only one that likes a virus-free, feature-rich, and no-cost operating system. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • You can brainstorm and network with other PC-BSD advocates at the [1][1].
  • You can burn a couple of DVDs and pass them out. If your school or user group has an upcoming event where you can promote PC-BSD, you can request additional DVDs from sales at pcbsd dot com.
  • Consider giving a presentation about PC-BSD at a local community event or conference. Let us know about it and we'll help you spread the word.
  • Write a personal blog detailing your journey from your first PC-BSD install experience to your most recent. The blog could also be used to teach or explain. A regional language blog may help build community in your area or find others with similar interests.

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