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(Importing a new version from external source)
(Importing a new version from external source)
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* {{citelink|pcbsdlists|url=commits|txt=Commits Mailing List}}
* {{citelink|pcbsdlists|url=commits|txt=Commits Mailing List}}
* {{citelink|url=|txt=Development Wiki}}
* {{citelink|trac|url=Developers|txt=Development Wiki}}
* {{citelink|url=|txt=Getting PC-BSD® Source}}
* {{citelink|url=|txt=Getting PC-BSD® Source}}

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If you like programming, and especially coding on FreeBSD, we would love to see you join the PC-BSD® Team[1] as a PC-BSD® committer. Developers who want to help improve the PC-BSD® codebase are always welcome! If you would like to participate in core development, subscribe to the developers mailing list[2]. Once you have signed up, feel free to browse the active TODO list, or search for bugs that need fixing in the PC-BSD® [ Trac database][3]. If you see something that you want to work on, or have a proposal for a project you wish to add to PC-BSD®, please let us know via the developers list and we will be happy to help get you started.

Most of the PC-BSD® specific GUI tools are developed in C++ using the QT Libraries, and other non-GUI development is done using standard Bourne shell scripts. There may be cases where other languages or libraries are needed, but those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to let us know your proposals on the developers mailing list.

Developers will also find the following resources helpful:

  • [Developers Development Wiki][5]


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  5. Developers
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