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Awesome[1] is a highly configurable and fast window manager that is primarily targeted at power users who prefer to use the command line within their graphical environment. Figure 6.5a shows a screenshot of Awesome running on PC-BSD® 9.1. The user has right-clicked the desktop in order to launch the awesome application manager.

Figure 6.5a: Awesome Window Manager on PC-BSD®

If you click awesomemanual, the man page for awesome will open in a terminal. If you click awesomeedit config, the awesome configuration file will open in the ee text editor. The numbers in the upper left corner represent virtual desktops. For example, you can have different terminals open in each virtual desktop.

Bluetooth Manager (if the system has a Bluetooth interface), Update Manager, Wireless Configuration Manager (if your wireless card is detected), and Life Preserver are located in the system tray near the clock in the upper right corner. If you wish to access Control Panel type pc-controlpanel in a terminal. To launch AppCafe®, type appcafe in a terminal or use the pbi_* commands to manage software from the command line.


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