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Applications Selection Screen

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This screen, seen in Figure X-XX, allows you to select which software components can be installed with the operating system.

Figure X-XX:


Highlight the software you would like to install in the "Available Components" box and click the blue > button to add them to the "Selected Components" box. If you change your mind, highlight the item in the "Selected Components" box and click the blue < button. Whatever shows up in the "Selected Components" box when you click the Next button, will be installed for you.

The following software is available as components:

  • Mozilla's popular web browser - (firefox)
  • Powerful CD /DVD burning tool - (k3b)
  • Full featured office suite - (openoffice)
  • Web Browser with BitTorrent client - (opera)
  • FreeBSD ports collection - (ports)
  • FreeBSD system source - (src)
  • Jail management and administration - (thewarden)
  • Mozilla's popular E-mail client - (thunderbird)

Note: You can still install additional software after PC-BSD is installed. The components that show during installation came with the installation media, meaning they can be installed quickly and don't require a connection to the Internet.

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