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This screen, seen in Figure 3.1.7a, allows you to select which software components can be installed with the operating system.

Figure 3.1.7a: Components Screen is Used to Select which Optional Software is Installed with PC-BSD



Highlight the software you would like to install in the "Available Components" box and click the blue > button to add them to the "Selected Components" box. If you change your mind, highlight the item in the "Selected Components" box and click the blue < button. Whatever shows up in the "Selected Components" box when you click the Next button, will be installed for you.

The following components are available:

  • Mozilla's popular web browser - (firefox)
  • Full featured office suite - (openoffice)
  • FreeBSD ports collection - (ports)
  • FreeBSD system source - (src)
  • Jail management and administration - (thewarden)
  • Mozilla's popular E-mail client - (thunderbird)
  • Multimedia player with streaming capabilities - (vlc)

Note: You can still install additional software after PC-BSD is installed using Software Manager. The components in this screen are limited to those that came with the installation media. The advantage to installing here is that they can be installed quickly and don't require a connection to the Internet.