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Beginning with PC-BSD 9.1, the Control Panel contains an AD & LDAP Configuration icon for managing connections settings to an AD or LDAP server. If your network contains an Active Directory or an LDAP server, use this icon to input the settings needed to connect to your account information stored on the network. At this time, these settings can not be set during installation. That feature will be added in PC-BSD 9.2.

NOTE: this utility is to manage the client , not the Active Directory or LDAP server itself.

Figure 8.3a shows the configuration utility with the Active Directory tab open.

Figure 8.3a: Managing Active Directory Client Settings


If you need to connect to a network running Active Directory, check the box "Enable Active Directory". This will ungrey out the rest of the screen, allowing you to configure the following:

  • Domain Controller Name: the IP address or hostname of the Windows domain controller.
  • Domain Name: name of Active Directory domain (e.g. or child domain (e.g.
  • NetBIOS Name: hostname of PC-BSD system.
  • Allow Trusted Domains: checking this box is optional. It should only be checked if the network has active domain/forest trusts and you need to manage files on multiple domains; use with caution as it will generate more winbindd traffic, slowing down the ability to filter through user/group information
  • Administrator Name: name of the Active Directory Administrator account.
  • Administrator Password: password for the Active Directory Administrator account.

Figure 8.3b shows the configuration utility with the LDAP tab open.

Figure 8.3b: Managing LDAP Client Settings


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