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Das "Über"-Symbol in der Systemsteuerung kann verwendet werden, um sich schnell Informationen über das PC-BSD-System anzeigen zu lassen. Um die Anwendung zu starten, doppelklicken das Symbol in der Systemsteuerung oder tippen über-gui. Ein Beispiel sieht man in Abbildung 8.2a.

This screen displays the version of PC-BSD, the architecture, where i386 equals 32-bit and amd64 equals 64-bit, and the hostname of the system. The "FreeBSD base" section displays the version and architecture of the underlying FreeBSD system and the name of the kernel (ident). The "Hardware" section indicates the type of CPU and the amount of installed memory.

If you click the "System components" button, the X.org version and the revision number of the command line and graphical utilities are displayed, as seen in the example shown in Figure 8.2b.

If you click the "Desktop environments" button, the currently installed desktops will be displayed, as seen in the example shown in Figure 8.2c. If you wish to install additional desktops, use the System Packages tab of System Manager.

Figure 8.2a: About Information
Figure 8.2b: System Components
Figure 8.2c: Desktop Environments

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