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L’icône "à propos de" du panneau de contrôle peut être utilisée pour trouver rapidement des informations à propos du système PC-BSD. Pour démarrer l'application, double-cliquez sur l’icône dans le panneau de contrôle, ou tapez about-gui. Un exemple sur l'image 8.2a.

The displayed information includes the version of PC-BSD®, the hostname of the system, the architecture, the name of the kernel (ident), the type of CPU, and the amount of installed memory.

If you click the “System components” button, the X.org version and release versions of the PC-BSD command line and graphical utilities will be displayed, as seen in the example shown in Figure 8.2b.

If you click "Back" and then the "Desktop environments" button, the currently installed desktops and their versions will be displayed, as seen in the example in Figure 8.2c. If you wish to install additional desktops, use Package Manager.

Figure 8.2a: About Information
Figure 8.2b: System Components Screen
Figure 8.2c: Desktop Environments Screen

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