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The "About" icon of Control Panel can be used to quickly find information about the PC-BSD system. To start the application, double-click its icon in Control Panel or type about-gui. An example is seen in Figure 8.2a.

Figure 8.2a: About Information


The displayed information includes the version of PC-BSD, the hostname of the system, the architecture where i386 equals 32-bit and amd64 equals 64-bit, the name of the kernel (ident), the type of CPU, and the amount of installed memory.

If you click the "Components" button, the X.org version and installed desktop components will be displayed. In the example shown in Figure 8.2b, the system only has the KDE desktop installed and the version of KDE is 4.8.4_1.

Figure 8.2b: Determining the Versions of X and Installed Desktops


If you wish to install additional desktops, use the System Packages tab of System Manager.

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