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What's New/10.1

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

The following features or enhancements were introduced for PC-BSD® 10.1:

  • UEFI support has been added to the installer and the boot manager. This includes ACPI detection and setup of RSDP, XDST, and RSDT pass-through values to the kernel. Note that a new installation will be needed in order to install UEFI support as it requires the creation of a small FAT partition. The current UEFI does not support secureboot. If a secureboot option exists in the BIOS, disable it.
  • Pre-configured virtual images are available in .vmdk, .vdi, and .raw formats.
  • A CD installer version is available for installing a command-line only version of TrueOS® using the text installer.
  • Linux compatibility libraries have been updated to CentOS 6.6.
  • Lumina has been updated to version 0.7.1.
  • A browser-based application, pc-softweb, combines the functionality of AppCafe® and Warden® and can be used to remotely manage software and jails from another system or mobile device. The TrueOS® installer provides options to configure remote access to pc-softweb. Graphical desktop users can configure remote access as described in AppCafe® Remote.
  • The "Installing to SSD" box has been removed from the installer as the installation is now optimized for both disk and SSD installations.
  • GELI full-disk encryption has been added back to the graphical and text installers.
  • The ability to select MBR or GPT has been added to the text installer.
  • The "fixgrub" option has been added to the System Utilities menu of the text installer. This can be used to restamp the GRUB loader on an existing PC-BSD® or TrueOS® installation that no longer boots.
  • The "Install in Jail" button has been added to AppCafe®, making it possible to create a new jail and install the specified application into it.
  • The "Automatic updates check" option has been added to the right-click menu of Update Manager.
  • The -J option has been added to pbi_add, making it possible to create a new jail and install a PBI into it with one command.
  • The -f and -j options have been added to pbi_delete.
  • The ability to configure a wireless device as a wireless access point has been added to Network Configuration.
  • The "Service Configuration" tab has been added to EasyPBI2.
  • The "Start Replication" option has been added to the "Snapshots" tab of Life Preserver.
  • When replicating to a remote host using Life Preserver, the remote dataset is based upon the hostname. This allows a single SSH key and user account to be used when backing up multiple systems. During a system restore, the replication server will display which hosts' datasets are available.
  • The cronscrub option has been added to lpreserver.
  • The zfsmksnap, zfslistclone, zfslistsnap, zfsclonesnap, zfscronsnap, zfsrevertsnap, zfsrmclone, and zfsrmsnap options to the command line version of warden have been replaced by the snap, clone, and cronsnap options.
  • The bulk, ip4pool, and autoipv4 options have been added to warden create.

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