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pc-metapkgmanager --pkgset warden list | more

Meta Package: Apache ------------------------------------- Description: The Apache Web Server Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/warden/Apache/pkg-icon.png Parent: Web-Servers Desktop: NO Required Packages: apache-2.2.22_6 Meta Package: BigBlueButton ------------------------------------- Description: BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/warden/BigBlueButton/pkg-icon.png Parent: Web-Apps Desktop: NO Required Packages: mysql-server-5.5.27 bigbluebutton-0.71_3 Meta Package: Database-Servers ------------------------------------- Description: Database Server Software Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/warden/Database-Servers/pkg-icon.png Desktop: NO Category Entry Meta Package: Development ------------------------------------- Description: Development tools and utilities Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/warden/Development/pkg-icon.png

--More--(byte 989)
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