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Meta Package: Awesome ------------------------------------- Description: A highly configurable, next generation framework window manager Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/pcbsd/Awesome/pkg-icon.png Parent: Unsupported-Desktops Desktop: YES Required Packages: awesome-3.4.13 Meta Package: Compiz ------------------------------------- Description: Compiz - OpenGL compositing manager Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/pcbsd/Compiz/pkg-icon.png Parent: Misc Desktop: NO Required Packages: compiz-fusion-0.8.4_2 Meta Package: Desktops ------------------------------------- Description: Supported Desktop Environments for your PC-BSD system. Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/pcbsd/Desktops/pkg-icon.png Desktop: NO Category Entry Meta Package: Development ------------------------------------- Description: Development tools and utilities for your Desktop Icon: /var/db/pc-metapkgmanager/pkgsets/pcbsd/Development/pkg-icon.png Desktop: NO

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