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Table 7.47.4l: pbi_makeport Options [Tables 1]
Switch Description
-B build-only; generally used with -k to build a port before running pbi_create manually
-c confdir specify the metadata configuration directory; while not required it is highly recommended as metadata is required to create icons and binary entry-points
-d portsdir specify an alternative ports directory; defaults to /usr/ports
-k keep the build files after building the PBI
-o outdir the directory to place the finished PBI file; defaults to user's $HOME directory
-p prefix manually provide a PREFIX which determines the location where the PBI will be installed on the end-user's system
--32 include when building a 32-bit PBI on a 64-bit system
--delbuild remove any existing build directories before starting the build
--mkdebug will drop to a debugging shell should the port make fail
--no-prune disable auto-pruning of non-REQUIREDBY ports after the compile phase; by default any ports which are used solely for building and which are not required for program execution will be pruned
--pkgdir dir uses the specified directory to cache the .txz package so subsequent builds will not rebuild the port from source
--tmpfs automatically create and mount a tmp filesystem and use it for WRKDIRPREFIX; can speed up port compiles on systems with available RAM
--sign keyfile digitally sign the PBI file with the specified openssl private key file

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