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Table 7.47.4b: pbi_autobuild Options [Tables 1]
Switch Description
-c confdir mandatory; specify the directory containing the PBI configuration modules; any found pbi.conf files will be parsed, and if PBI_MAKEPORT is set, the target port will be used for the build; if PBI_MAKEPORT is unset, the auto-build will attempt to match the module to a FreeBSD port based upon the dirname of pbi.conf
-d portsdir specify an alternative ports directory; defaults to /usr/ports/
-h script specify a helper script to call after building a PBI
-o outdir mandatory; the directory to place the finished PBI files
-p num if your build hardware has the CPU and disk I/O to support concurrent build processes, specify the number of concurrent builds
-32 include when building a 32-bit PBI on a 64-bit system
-32fallback only build the 32bit PBI if a 64-bit version does build
--genpatch when building a new PBI, check for archived copies and generate smaller patch updates to the new version (*.pbp files)
--keep num when building new PBIs, keep <num> copies of past versions of working PBI in <outdir>/archived/ folder; these archived copies can be used with the --genpatch command to generate update patch files
--pkgcache enable caching of .txz pkg files which greatly speeds up subsequent builds of a PBI
--prune remove any PBIs which no longer have an associated module
--tmpfs automatically create and mount a tmp filesystem which can speed up port compiles on systems with available RAM
--sign keyfile digitally sign the PBI file with the specified openssl private key file

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