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Table 7.47.4a: pbi_add Options [Tables 1]
Switch Description
-e extract only, do not install; will extract the archive to ~/<pbidirname> unless the -o option is used
-f force installation, overwriting an already installed copy of the application
-g show path to icons and images for GUI installations
-i display information about specified PBI; if combined with -v, will display all of the files that will be installed with the PBI
-l display license for specified PBI
-o outdir specify the directory to use when extracting the PBI with -e
-r remote fetch installation file from update server; the system version will be automatically determined in order to fetch the correct file and resume support is built-in
-R remote fetch the install file from the update server but do not install
-v enable verbose output
--checkscript display any custom scripts used in the installation/removal of the PBI
--licagree agree to license terms and conditions; to view the license, use -l
--no-checksig skip the openssl signature verification of the PBI data
--no-checksum skip the checksum verification of the archive data
--no-hash disable using the shared hash dir
--repo repoid specify which repository to use
--rArch arch manually specify the PBI architecture type of i386 or amd64
--rVer version specify which version of the PBI to install

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