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Table 2.2a: ThinkPad BIOS Versions with Known Bug [tables 1]
Model Number BIOS Version That Fixes The Bug
A20m 1.08 (IWET54WW)[1]
A20p 1.05 (IVET62WW)[2]
A21e(2628) 1.07 (KUET30WW)[3]
A21m (except Sxx models) 1.02 (KXET24WW)[4]
A21p 1.04 (KYET27WW)[5]
A22m (except Sxx models) 1.02 (KXET24WW)[4]
A22p 1.04 (KYET27WW)[5]
T20 1.10 (IYET49WW)[6]
T21 1.04 (KZET22WW)[7]
X20 2.16 (IZET96WW)[8]
X21 2.16 (IZET96WW)[8]

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