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Table 9.3b: PC-BSD Directory Structure [tables 1]
Directory Contents
/ pronounced as "root" and represents the beginning of the directory structure
/bin/ applications (binaries) that were installed with the operating system
/boot/ stores the startup code, including kernel modules (such as hardware drivers)
/compat/linux/ Linux software compatibility files
/dev/ files which are used by the operating system to access devices
/etc/ operating system configuration files
/etc/X11/ the xorg.conf configuration file
/etc/rc.d/ operating system startup scripts
/home/ subdirectories for each user account; each user should store their files in their own home directory
/lib/ operating system libraries needed for applications
/libexec/ operating system libraries and binaries
/media/ mount point for storage media such as DVDs and USB drives
/mnt/ another mount point
/proc/ the proc filesystem required by some Linux applications
/rescue/ necessary programs for emergency recovery
/root/ administrative account's home directory
/sbin/ operating system applications; typically only the superuser can run these applications
/tmp/ temporary file storage; files stored here may disappear when the system reboots
/usr/bin/ contains most of the command line programs available to users
/usr/local/ contains the binaries, libraries, startup scripts, documentation, and configuration files used by applications installed from ports or packages
/usr/pbi/ contains the binaries, libraries, startup scripts, documentation, and configuration files used by installed PBIs
/usr/local/share/fonts/ system wide fonts for graphical applications
/usr/local/share/icons/ system wide icons
/usr/ports/ location of system ports tree (if installed)
/usr/share/ system documentation and man pages
/usr/sbin/ command line programs for the superuser
/usr/src/ location of system source code (if installed)
/var/ files that change (vary), such as log files and print jobs

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