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Table 9.3a: Available File Managers [tables 1]
File Manager Desktop/PBI Screenshots Notes
dolphin KDE[1]
emelfm2 PBI[2]
/usr/local/GNUstep/Apps/ [[Window Maker/9.2/5|Translations:Window Maker/9.2/Page display title/5]]
gnome-commander PBI[3]
krusader PBI[4]
mucommander PBI[5]
nautilus GNOME[6]
pcmanfm [[LXDE/9.2/5|Translations:LXDE/9.2/Page display title/5]] or PBI[7]
thunar XFCE or PBI[8] unable to automount internal NTFS disks (try pcmanfm or emelfm2 instead)
xfe PBI[9]

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