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Table 9.39.3c: Utilities that Support Windows Shares [Tables 1]
Utility Desktop/PBI How to Access Existing Shares
dolphin KDE in the left frame, click on Network → Samba Shares, then the Workgroup name; if the network requires a username and password to browse for shares, set this in Control Panel → System Settings → Sharing while in KDE or type systemsettings → Sharing while in another desktop
konqueror KDE in the location bar, type smb:/
krusader PBI add Local Network to toolbar by going to Settings → Configure Toolbars; once in toolbar click Local Network → Samba Shares
mucommander PBI click on Go → Connect to server → SMB; input the NETBIOS name of server, name of share, name of domain (or workgroup), and the share's username and password
nautilus GNOME click on Go → Network → Windows Network
smb4k PBI click on the "Network Neighborhood" tab
thunar XFCE or PBI in the left frame, click on Network → Windows Network

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