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The previous section indicated that new PBI modules are uploaded to the PBI build server so that they can be built and tested. This section describes the two ways you can assist in testing PBIs.
Figure 11.5a: Viewing the Status of PBIs on the Build Server

Test PBIs Waiting for Approval

If you wish to help test a PBI before it has been approved, go to the build server[1] as shown in Figure 11.5a.

Find the name of the PBI you wish to test in the "Module" column and click its hyperlink. You can then download the file with the .pbi extension. Once downloaded, run pbi_add /path/to/pbi to install the PBI. If you find any problems with the PBI, send an email to the PBI-dev[2] mailing list describing how to recreate the problem. Include the text of any error messages you receive.

Investigate or Fix a Failed Build

You can try to resolve PBI modules that have a "Build Status" of "FAILED". If you click on the name of a failed module, you can download the file named last_100.log for that module. This file is in ASCII text so it can be viewed in any text editor.

If you think you know the cause of the problem after reading the error messages, you can review the PBI's module by clicking its "git" hyperlink. If you decide to copy/paste a file in order to edit it locally, click the "Raw" link for the file.

If you make an edit to correct the problem, send the modified file (or a diff) to the PBI-dev[2] mailing list so the changes can be uploaded to the build server.

Make Minor Modifications to a PBI Module

If you have a GitHub account and are logged in, you can contribute minor PBI changes to the pbi-modules in the PC-BSD® repository[3] using a web browser. If you do not have a GitHub account, create one here and use a valid email address as you will need to confirm your email address.

For example, to add a screenshot for an application, upload the screenshot file to a publicly accessible site, then add the URL to the screenshot in between the quotes of the PBI_SCREENSHOTS="" line in the pbi.conf file for that module. Or, to add a similar application, put the package category and package name in between the PBI_PLUGINS="" line in the pbi.conf file for that module. As an example, refer to the pbi.conf for the www/firefox PBI module. More information about the the available pbi.conf variables can be found in Table 8.1b.

To make the edit, click on the pbi.conf file for the module, click the "Edit" button, make the change, then click the "Commit changes" button. This will issue a "git pull" request which will be reviewed by a developer who will either approve it or contact you if more information about the edit is needed. Once the request is approved, you will receive an email about the approval and the change will appear in AppCafe® when the next package set becomes available. How long that takes depends upon whether the system is set to use the PRODUCTION or EDGE package set.


  1. http://pbibuild64.pcbsd.org/index.php?ver=10
  2. 2.0 2.1 http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/pbi-dev
  3. https://github.com/pcbsd/pcbsd/tree/master/pbi-modules
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