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ZFS raidz pool install attempt. Failed.

Attempting to create an rpool in PC-BSD using the 8.1 installer. This doesn't work, but here's what I tried - perhaps it'll work in the 9.x release

So, my machine is a Dell Optiplex 765 with 3 sata 250G drives. I'd like to get these drive all in a single raidz as I find this to be a suitable setup. Booting from a RAIDZ works as this has been done many times over in the FreeBSD 8.1 release.

What I tried to do was to boot the PC BSD disk and have it see my setup and just install to that zpool. Again, this doesn't work. I don't know how to make the gui pick up the zpool.

Here's the results of 'gpart show'

gpart add -b 34 -s 128 -t freebsd-boot ada0
gpart add -b 34 -s 128 -t freebsd-boot ada1
gpart add -b 34 -s 128 -t freebsd-boot ada2
gpart add -b 162 -s 3145728 -t freebsd-swap -l swap0 ada0
gpart add -b 162 -s 3145728 -t freebsd-swap -l swap1 ada1   # I rarely if ever see it dip into swap, but spreading
gpart add -b 162 -s 3145728 -t freebsd-swap -l swap2 ada2   # the swap over 3 drives can't hurt.
gpart add -b 3145890 -s 485244702 -t freebsd-zfs -l disk0 ada0
gpart add -b 3145890 -s 485244702 -t freebsd-zfs -l disk1 ada1
gpart add -b 3145890 -s 485244702 -t freebsd-zfs -l disk2 ada2

these were joined together with zpool create -f rpool raidz /dev/gpt/disk0 /dev/gpt/disk1 /dev/gpt/disk2

So, I was expecting the SysInstaller to find this setup and be able to use it. This isn't the case.

I would have liked for sys installer to help me out with the creation of raidz, but as such, it doesn't yet seem able to which is why I chose this route.

SysInstaller sees the slices on the drives, but doesn't seem to know what to do about them. The advanced setup presumes you want a bare drive, and doesn't show you the slices. I find this to be an incorrect assumption, as there might have been reasons for me to choose those begin marks. If i want the drive empty, I can pointy-clicky my way to deleting all the partitions.

Not sure if these are already fixed, or just plain invalid requests, but.. there it is.

ADD SECTION ON ZFS POOLS, MIRRORING At the moment the GUI portion of the installer is going to expect you to provide the raidz configuration you want from within it. For example, you would go to "custom partition", and from there create a new ZFS partition on ad0, at the bottom of the GUI, you'll be able to select your additional devices, such as ada1, ada2 for inclusion into the "raidz" pool. That should get you to an install similar to what you described. For 9 I have it on my list to improve the installer to more easily work with pre-existing partitioning, but its not in the current snapshot yet

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