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I made relatively minor changes, mostly improving the formatting of the text. I noticed that the included text is basically direct from its manual page.

Though this is intended to be temporary and just a start of something greater/better, I think there will need to be added clarification to what is done for sysctl variables here. I understand that the one listed loader tunable would be a line added into /boot/loader.conf, but are the sysctl variables modified on the commandline or is it a file to edit or what? In another section of the manpage it mentions:

To enable acpi (for debugging purposes, etc.) on machines that are on the blacklist, set the kernel environment variable hint.acpi.0.disabled to 0. Before trying this, consider updating your BIOS to a more recent version that may be compatible with ACPI. To disable the acpi driver completely, set the kernel environment variable hint.acpi.0.disabled to 1.

Which means that some things are or can be handled with environment variables- would that be including all of those sysctl variables? --Tigersharke 07:12, 5 December 2010 (UTC)

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