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Summer of Code 2010

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Google Summer of Code 1020

The following list are ideas for projects we think would make good Google Summer of Code candidates.

Suggested Projects

CLI front-end to pc-sysinstall

This project would be to write a command-line based front-end to our new system installer backend, pc-sysinstall. This could be done in curses, or other command-line API. This project being completed may allow us to look at getting it, and pc-sysinstall into the FreeBSD tree as a replacement for the outdated "SysInstall".

Improved Wine support on BSD

There are a number of open-issues with the "Wine" application on the BSD platform, which hinders Windows compatibility with many applications. Some of the important issues would be the copy-protection support, fixes for memory management, etc.

Applying for GSoC

If you are interested in applying for a GSoC internship, please send the following information, along with your project proposal to the PC-BSD® Developers mailing list.

  • Your name
  • Location (Country, City)
  • Short technical background
  • Project Proposal
  • Suggested Timeline
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