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Welcome to the PC‑BSD® Wiki!

         Security WARNING:  Unsupported versions.        News about UEFI
Documentation Projects Development
[[Wireless Testing/uken|Translations:Wireless Testing/Page display title/uken]]

Driver Function & Compatability

[[Game Testing/uken|Translations:Game Testing/Page display title/uken]]
Discovering what works and how

PC‑BSD® Users Handbook
Release (10.1) wiki publication

Wiki bookshelf
Prior wiki publications

Turn FreeBSD® into PC‑BSD®
Conversion instructions?

Solving some problems

Where to find help
Various resources for assistance


A Jail Management Tool

[[PCDM/uken|Translations:PCDM/Page display title/uken]]
PC-BSD's Login Manager

Lumina DE
Desktop Environment for BSD

PC-BSD® Documentation
Handbook version under development

Handbook Errata
Corrections after publishing

FreeBSD® Ideas page
Concepts for possible development

FreeBSD® Wifi Ideas page
Concepts for possible development

PC‑BSD® bugs

Source, Reports, or Requests

[[Become a Developer/uken|Translations:Become a Developer/Page display title/uken]]
How to help with code

Simplifying the PBI creation process

[[Bluetooth Testing/uken|Translations:Bluetooth Testing/Page display title/uken]]
How to help development

The PBI9 Format
Improved for 9.0 and beyond

PC‑BSD® Roadmap
Where we are, where we plan to be

[[Tasks Looking for People/uken|Translations:Tasks Looking for People/Page display title/uken]]
How YOU can contribute

Press, licensing and other queries
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