Installing PC-BSD®/10.0

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PC-BSD® can be installed from the installation media directly onto a hard drive or into a virtual machine using virtualization software such as Virtualbox[1].

To begin the PC-BSD® installation, insert the boot media and boot the system. If the computer boots into an existing operating system instead of the installer, reboot and check your computer's BIOS program to ensure that the drive containing the installation media is listed first in the boot order. Save your BIOS changes and reboot.

Figure 3a: PC-BSD® Installer Boot Menu

The initial boot screen, shown in Figure 3a, offers a choice of using either the graphical or the text based installer. Unless you select otherwise, the graphical installer will load. To instead use the text based installer, use the arrow keys to select that option. If the graphical installer hangs when loading the graphics driver, try selecting the VESA mode option of the graphical installer.

This chapter describes the following screens of the graphical installer:

The text based installer is described in Using the Text Installer.


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