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The PC-BSD® installer allows you to quickly determine if your system's video card, Ethernet card, wireless device, and sound card are compatible with PC-BSD®. The "Hardware Compatibility" icon in Control Panel provides a quick overview of the system's detected hardware.
Figure 8.6a: Sample Hardware Compatibility

To start the application, double-click its icon in Control Panel or open an xterm and type pc-sysinstaller -checkhardware.

In the example shown in Figure 8.6a, this system has a detected NVIDIA video card with a configured resolution of 1600x900, one Ethernet device using the em(4)[1] driver, and one wireless device using the iwn(4)[2] driver. Currently no sound card is detected, meaning that the user should configure and test their sound card using the Sound Configuration/10.0 icon in Control Panel.

Hardware that is currently incompatible may show with a green checkbox after a system upgrade or update. This indicates that the update added the driver for the device.


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