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NOTE: This page may have frequent updates not related to transcluded content.

Anyone is welcome to help with translating the handbook into other languages. MediaWiki can now be used for the translation work starting with version 9.2. Older versions of the handbook might be added to the wiki in the future, this would increase the number of languages on the wiki and ease translation of the next handbooks. The old method could still be used but at a cost of delayed access. The mediawiki method may be the quickest to make available to the public.


The task should be as simple as choosing through the mediawiki link "translate this page" and selecting the desired language, then use the mediawiki translation mechanism to do your work.

Some tips

  • Leave the UseTOC line as is (paste source text and "save translation" for that line) if there is no "title=translate what is here" portion.
  • It may be considered the most important step, to localize all of the page titles for those pages listed in the Table Of Contents of the PC-BSD® Users Handbook because that section will automagically "import" those translated page titles.
  • Page links that use template:local auto-localize in place, where {{local|link=Handbook translating}} will appear as Handbook translating if the page title ("Handbook translating" in this example) has been translated using the translation system at Handbook translating.
  • Application names should not be translated (AppCafe, LifePreserver, etc)
  • The Wiki Style guidelines and template quick reference sheet may help with understanding how/why some things are done.
NOTE: Although no explanation may be given, if a page previously marked to be translated (especially the Handbook translating/common page which contains words used by the Navigation and other templates) gets marked as discouraged on the Special:PageTranslation page let someone know that you wish to be able to translate it. A wiki page most frequently will automatically be unset for translation if the original/parent was recently edited. In this case the page may have the message "Translate this page; This page has changes since it was last marked for translation." near upper left.
Translate Help

Successful translation

Thus far it has been determined that being able to translate may depend upon one of two things:

  1. Your account will exist for a predetermined amount of time and a preset number of edits (in agreement with policy) are made.
    A request to a wiki bureaucrat (Krismoore, Drulavigne, Jpaetzel) for translator (and/or translation reviewer) membership could speed/obviate above, if fully implemented.
  2. Kindly ask an admin (Krismoore, Yerenkow, MelanieV, Drulavigne, Jpaetzel, Tigersharke), or bureaucrat, or other successful editor to "fake" translate 100% the desired page.

Templates with link localization

Some of the more commonly used techniques.


Requires that a value be passed to the template to allow for a localization effect. Where alternate text is used, then that alternate text would need to be translated.


{{Citelink|url=complete URL|txt=alternate text}}
{{Citelink|shortcut|url=page URL|txt=alternate text}}
{{Citelink|shortcut|txtAb=alternate text}}


Using these templates will automagically provide a localized result. They need not be adjusted or translated, though they may replace the standard wiki markup method for a similar effect. Where alternate text is used, then that alternate text would need to be translated.


Provides a method to localize internal links.
{{local|link=page name}}
{{local|link=page name|alternate text}}
{{local|link=page name|anchor=sub-heading|alternate text}}

Words on the wiki

Translated words and phrases

Some templates that are otherwise automatic may require some elements to be localized separately. These are translated on the Handbook translating/common page.
Table table a. translated words [tables 1]
English word or phrase How/where used
11 NOTE: NOTE: template:note
12 WARNING WARNING template:warning
13 DANGER! DANGER! template:danger
14 References References template:Refheading
15 Next: Previous: template:NavHeader
16 Previous: Next: template:NavHeader
17 Table of Contents Table of Contents [[]]
18 Return to Table of Contents Return to Table of Contents [[]]
19 Tables Tables [[]]
20 Work in Progress: PC‑BSD® Users Handbook (Rolling Release) Work in Progress: PC‑BSD® Users Handbook (Rolling Release) [[]]
21 PC‑BSD® Users Handbook (Published Release ) PC‑BSD® Users Handbook (Published Release ) [[]]

<translate>===title=== text</translate>

<translate> </translate>
Table <translate> Table b:</translate> [tables 2]

Earlier methods

Since at that time we were not able to get MediaWiki to provide a working translation plugin, and other structures (templates) were not yet in place, below is how our translation process had worked.

Handbook v9.1

  • Documentation on this wiki is "frozen" for several weeks before a new release which means it is closed to edits. During this time translations can be made.
  • The text (in odt format) is sent to the translations mailing list and emailed back when it is finished.

An expected "Freeze" date depends on the results of FreeBSD's RC process.

Some teams may use Google Docs™ or other sharing mechanisms to work on the translation, other teams might have only one person or divide up who does which sections. Use the method that works best or makes the task easiest.

Older versions (9.0 and 8.2)

For those who desire to translate them, we welcome your contributions and ask that you notify us so that we can help make them available. Additional formats including HTML, ODF (for OpenOffice and other software), EPUB (for e-readers), and PDF formats are available as downloads from the PC-BSD® ftp server. Translations of the Handbook are added to the ftp server as they become available, its file name indicating the language with a 2-letter ISO code.

List of Tables

  1. Table table a. translated words
  2. Table Table b:

Other languages:German 68% • ‎English 100% • ‎French 4% • ‎Ukrainian 0% • ‎Chinese 0% • ‎Chinese (China) 0%
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