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This page is a translated version of a page Fluxbox/10.1 and the translation is 100% complete.

Fluxbox[1] is a light-weight and fast window manager. Regardless of the window managers that you have selected to install, Fluxbox is always available as an option in the login menu.

Figure 6.3a shows a screenshot of Fluxbox running on PC-BSD®. In this example, the user has launched the Application menu by right-clicking on the desktop.

Figure 6.3a: Fluxbox on PC-BSD®

Fluxbox provides many configuration files which can be edited in order to customize the desktop. The Features[2] page of the Fluxbox website lists the available configuration files and links to instructions for getting the most out of Fluxbox.

The following resources are useful when customizing Fluxbox:


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