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This page is a translated version of a page Become an Advocate/9.2 and the translation is 62% complete.

Sind Sie von PC-BSD® begeistert? Warum erzählen nicht Ihrer Familie, Freunden, Kommilitonen und Kollegen davon? Sie werden nicht der Einzige sein, der gerne ein virusfreies, umfangreiches und kostenfreies Betriebssystem haben möchte. Hier sind einige Vorschläge, wie Sie anderen PC-BSD näher bringen können:

  • Burn a couple of DVDs and pass them out. If your school or user group has an upcoming event where you can promote PC-BSD®, you can request additional DVDs from sales at pcbsd dot com.
  • Consider giving a presentation about PC-BSD® at a local community event or conference. Let us know about it and we will help you spread the word.
  • Write a personal blog detailing your journey from your first PC-BSD® install experience to your most recent accomplishment. The blog could also be used to teach or explain how to perform tasks on PC-BSD®. A regional language blog may help build the community in your area and to find others with similar interests.
Other languages:German 62% • ‎English 100% • ‎French 25%
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