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Préférences à propos d'Adobe Flash Player

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This page is a translated version of a page Adobe Flash Player preferences/9.2 and the translation is 55% complete.

Figure 8.18a: Utilitaire de configuration de Flash Player

This utility allows for changes to various configuration settings related to Adobe Flash[1]. Many of the same configurations can be done via right-click within an active flash object in a web browser.

Pour accéder à l'utilitaire indiqué en figure 8.18a, utilisez Panneau de contrôle → Préférences à propos d'Adobe Flash Player ou ouvrez xterm et indiquez flash-player-properties.

Les options sont disponible dans chaque onglet et la manière de les utiliser est décrite sur le site d'Adobe:

  • Storage:[2] describes private browsing support and the privacy issues associated with local storage of flash information.
  • Camera and Mic:[3] controls how websites can use your computer’s camera and microphone.
  • Playback:[4] describes how to configure peer-assisted networking to improve bandwidth.
  • Advanced:[5] controls how Flash Player handles browsing data, updates, trusted locations, and protected content.


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